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TMbot has a built-in marketplace, which features an easy overview of the accounts merchants. You can specify rules for when TMbot should send resources around, as well as enable the AutoTrade option which will make TM utilize the marketplace offers available. No more will there be a shortage of wood and excess of crop!

The Market

The Marketplace

1. Outgoing merchants Here, you are able to see the merchants which are currently on their way away from their source village

2. Returning merchants This panel shows the merchants which are currently returning to your village

3. Adding a route Use this button to add another trading route

4. AutoTrade Options This button opens the AutoTrade options

Configuring a marketroute

5.1 Enabling the route Enable this checkbox if you want this trading route to be active

5.2 Source village Select the source village. You can either select a single village, multiple villages, or All villages

5.3 Destination village Select the destination village. As above, you can select single, multiple, or all villages, but also an external village (The Spyglass icon)

5.4 Sending conditions

  1. Select the kind of condition you want,
    • reaches x% of the max. stock - will send resources whenever the stock is over the percentage which you specify
    • if source village higher than this amount - will send resourcse whenever the stock is over the amount specified
    • if destination village is under this amount - when the destination has below the specified number of resources, TM will send. (Can only be used for own villages)
  2. Select the resources which you want to be sent by enabling/disabling the resource icons
  3. Define the interval between each market checks with the "Check route every ..." option
  4. Allow full merchants only will increase the efficiency and only send resources when it will use the merchants full capacity
  5. Before attacks will send the resources away when an attack comes.


The AutoTrade dialog

TM also have the capability to use the offers which are posted in the marketplace.

  1. There are three checkboxes here which control the behaviour of the AutoTrade. The checkbox named "AutoTrade" will enable/disable the function. The Sell on Attacks will try to sell all resoureces which is not protected by a cave when you are under attack, and the "Allow full merchants only" ensures that TM uses the maximal capacity of your merchants
  2. Search will try to buy this resource, when the stocks are under the specified value
  3. Offer will try to sell the specified resources if it has over this value
  4. Min. exchange ratio is a way to control how much you may lose/gain on trades. a ratio of 0.5 means that if someone offer 500 wood, and 1000 clay, TM may accept it. If you have a ratio of 2, TM will only accept offers when you get the double amount of resources back (if resources to you/resources to be sent >= ratio, accept the offer)
  5. The copy to all will copy the AutoTrade settings to all other villages, while the Reset button will reset the settings to production standard.
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